Weight Management

The average women will go on an average of 61 separate diets in her lifetime.  Different diets suit different people and generally they do tend to work if you follow them.  The problem arises when you come off the diet and fall back into old habits and behaviours.  Many gain the weight back and more. Yet we plough on looking for the magic solution to help us to lose the weight we are so desperately unhappy with.  Although we keep on battling subconsciously we sometimes do not believe we will ever get to where we really want to be, yet we keep on trying.  If we carry on following this cycle 'no change means exactly that, no change'.  Imagine if with the right tools and support you could feel you have control over your weight issues.

Why do we eat?

From birth to growing up we are conditioned by learned experiences for example, many of us were told "to clear our plates" irrespective of whether or not we were hungry we did just that and have continued to clear our plates into our adult life.  A huge number of us also eat too much, we have grown up eating large portion sizes or the wrong types of high calorie, high dense foods.  Information on what to eat and what not to eat changes frequently causing confusion.  What we should be doing is only taking in the fluids and nutrients our bodies need for fuel, however, instead we eat for a variety of reasons, for example:


Ancestral/physiological - survival of species.

Addiction - we have become attached to certain foods.

Growth - or to recover from illness, generation of new tissue and bones.

Energy - work, sports activities.

Comfort - emotional eating.

Reward - treat ourselves.

Social reasons - dinner with friends, Birthdays etc.

Holidays - enhances the experience of the holiday

Health reasons - need to follow a specific diet.

Boredom - something to do.


The list is long and these reasons along with the hormones and chemicals in our bodies that re-act to our food intake effects the way we eat and the ability to lose or maintaiin our weight.

Help is at hand ......

Hypnosis is a very effective way to help you break those bad habits and support you to reach your goals.

What is the process?

Weight management is most effective with a minimum of four sessions (however, you can have a smaller number of sessions).  Session one consists of a full analysis of your specfic issues and needs.  At this point you will agree upon more beneficial behaviour and eating habits and receive some hypnotherapy.  Session two we will review progress and identify any stumbling blocks and address them, this will be followed by more hypnotherapy. Session three we will review, address specific issues and I will also teach Self Hypnosis in addition you will receive further hypnosis from myself.  Session four, there will be more hypnotherapy on healthy eating and life-changing habits suitable for you.

Will it Work for Me?

The key to success is YOU! No weight loss process will work unless you are committed to making it happen.  You need to be ready to change your eating habits and life-style. It is important we work together to get you to where you want to be.

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